Fire Protection Engineering Services

For more than 35 years, Rybak Engineering has provided the following services to our customers:

Fire system designs

  • Fire sprinkler systems of all types including wet, Preaction, dry.
  • Deluge systems including NFPA 15 spray systems.
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire protection infrastructure planning including yard mains and fire pump systems.
  • Water supply testing.

Hydraulic calculations 

Fire sprinklers systems have evolved from pipe schedule systems to hydraulically calculated systems where the pipe sizing is based on available water supply and the hazard classification which a system protects.  We have an in depth working knowledge of fluid mechanics and hydraulic calculations that are integral to our designs.

Budget planning

Rybak can provide an "opinion of probable cost" for budgeting purposes.  In additon, we can recommend features and installing contractor's that fit the needs of a project.

Evaluation of existing fire protection systems

  • Adequacy for storage
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Document existing systems.
  • Insurance company compliance

Contract documents for building permit applications

Construction control is typically provided as part of a contract document package. Typically contract documents are generated for building owners/representatives or architects.

Shop drawing documents for fire sprinkler contractor installations

Our repeat customer base of fire sprinkler contractors speaks for our attention to detail that promotes a well fitting design. The goal of any project, is that there is little to no adjustment needed when the contractor is installing systems.  Now with the use of modern technology, these quality services are even greater through the use of 3D modeling and accurate design with CADD software. Rybak Engineering continues to grow and expand in order to maintain the best possible services. Rybak offers many unique and quality services to their clients, such as custom fabrications sheets and flow calculations for every job.

Pipe Fabrication Sheets Material Sheets

System coordination

Rybak has participated in a wide range of coordination detail.  We have started in the early days with light table coordination and currently work with mechanical coordinators using detailed 3d design methods.

NFPA 25 compliance support

NFPA 25 is the Standard required for inspecting, testing, and maintaining a fire sprinklers system.   An inspection by a sprinkler contractor inspection or insurance representative often creates a list of concerns.  Rybak can help sort through these concerns and respond in a manner that is in the owner’s best interest for cost and safety.

Hydraulic Placard Replacement

A common issue is a missing or illegible hydraulic placard.  This placard reports the system design criteria.  Rybak can analyze your system and generate a new placard to satisfy this requirement.  It can be a simple process if good building documents are available or if the pipe is generally visible.  Complicated buildings with concealed pipe can be a greater challenge.  We would be happy to review your circumstances.

System Assessment for Storage, Occupancy, or Building Processes

A common issue verifying that the design criteria is of the installed system is consistent with the use of the building.  Over time, building users often change the use of the building.  What once was manufacturing may now be rack storage.

Unfortunately, sprinkler systems are typically designed specifically for the building use.  A change in building use often triggers a sprinkler system assessment and may require an upgrade.  We can determine the sprinkler system capacity as well as possible upgrade paths.

4.1.7* Addressing Changes in Hazard. Where changes in the occupancy, hazard, water supply, storage commodity, storage arrangement, building modification, or other condition that affects the installation criteria of the system are identified, the property owner or designated representative shall promptly take steps to evaluate the adequacy of the installed system in order to protect the building or hazard in question.

3D modeling, when used with a solid MEP coordination team, results in well coordinated installations with minimal trade to trade interferences.

Rybak hydraulics programming tools.

Rybak layout software tools.

NFPA 15 Transformer Spray Systems

Example Hydraulic Placard