Deerfield Academy

A fire sprinkler system retrofit into an architecturally sensitive environment.

Our installation included inobtrusive sprinkler heads. The piping was fully concealed and proper protection is provided.

Rybak has contracted with Deerfield Academy on an annual basis to provide contract documents for fire sprinkler system retrofits. Over the past 5 years, we have helped plan their fire protection installations to protect their students, faculty, and facilities, which include:

  • Mather
  • Scaife
  • Pocumtuck
  • Barton
  • Field
  • McAlister
  • DeNunzio
  • Johnson Doubleday
  • West Gymnasium
  • Dining Hall

Additional Projects

Transformer spray systems require experience in many areas. Hydraulics, spray patterns, electrical clearances, and piping are important.

Rybak has provided consulting services for a wide variety of fire protection systems at their main production facility. We have designed the following systems;

Note the architecturally clean sprinkler head installation. The piping is fully concealed and proper protection is provided.

Pocumtuck Dormitory

Mather Dormitory